10 Food Lessons We Learned from the Big Screen

by Amalia Hirsch
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#1 Bananas are potassium rich “lifesavers”

10 Food Lessons - Fresh Print Magazine

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In Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, Mitch goes into shock from potassium deficiency only to be rescued by Jenny and Adam force-feeding banana pieces.

#2 Always say grace before eating a microwavable dinner

10 Food Lessons - Fresh Print Magazine

In Home Alone, thanks to Macaulay Culkin it is acceptable to serve mac and cheese at a candle lit dinner. We still hate that Kevin was never able to take even one bite of his mac and cheese.

#3 Oreos belonged with peanut butter way before the creation of Pinterest

10 Food Lessons

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The Parent Trap

#4 Onions give insight into the many layers of a personality

10 Food Lessons - Onions

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In Shrek, Donkey reminds us that cakes are made of layers too.

#5 But you can’t eat chocolate cake without wishing it was the one from Matilda

10 Food Lessons - Matilda

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Where is Bruce Bogtrotter now? HE’S STILL EATING CAKE-

#6 Borcht is the best skunking antidote


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#7 Spinach will make you big and strong


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Although there’s no proof spinach will make you strong spinach is still part of a healthy diet. A study in Thailand found an increase in spinach consumption linked to children watching Popeye.

#8 Sharing your spaghetti ends in a hook-up

http://weheartit.com/entry/group/1733778 #9 Maple syrup is 1 of the 4 main food groups

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Lady and the Tramp

#9 Maple syrup is 1 of the 4 main food groups


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#10 You can’t drink orange soda without asking…


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Kenan and Kel

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