10 Things Raptors Bandwagon Fans Need

by Pandora Angelique Lee
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10 Things Raptors Bandwagon Fans Need - Fresh Print Magazine

Image from Kijiji. Raptors 2014 Playoff Tickets.

Below are ten things we feel any new Raptors fan will need in order to jump on the fan bandwagon for the remainder of their playoff games!


1)      Playoff tickets

There’s nothing like seeing and experiencing a playoff game live in person. After all, they don’t come around that often. Be a part of BMO game day fans cheering on your home team. According to Ticketmaster, Raptors playoff tickets range from around $100 to over $4000. You can try your luck at purchasing tickets here. If they’re out, you’ll have to look at resellers such as StubHub.

10 Things Raptors Bandwagon Fans Need - Fresh Print Magazine

Image from Raptors. Party in the Square.

2)      Know where to party with the rest of the fans

Can’t see the game live in person? How about joining other fans to watch on the big screen and cheer for the Raptors on at Maple Leaf Square (unofficially renamed Jurassic Park).  Bell’s Party in the Square starts 2 hours before tip-off for all home and away playoff games. Best of all, it’s free!  Capacity is limited so it’s best to get there early.  The time will pass by quickly with the live DJ and giveaways.

3)      Know your players

A quick way to sound like you know what you’re talking about is to know the Raptor’s roster.  More importantly, know how to pronounce their names properly. You can hear them say their own names here.


Name Pronounciation
Coach Dwane Casey
2 Landry Fields
3 Nando De Colo NAHN-doe day COE-loe
7 Kyle Lowry
10 DeMar DeRozan de-MAR de-ROE-zen
13 Dwight Buycks BIKES
15 Amir Johnson uh-MEER
16 Steve Novak
17 Jonas Valanciunas YO-nas Val-an-CHOO-nis
21 Greivis Vasquez GRAY-vess VASS-kez
25 John Salmons SAL-mons
31 Terrence Ross
44 Chuck Hayes
50 Tyler Hansbrough HANS-broh
54 Patrick Patterson
77 Julyan Stone


4)      Raptors Jersey

Whether it’s the old school purple ones or the new red ones, wear your favourite player’s jersey.

Raptors Jersey - Fresh Print Magazine

Image from ebay.

Raptors Jersey - Fresh Print Magazine

Image from NBA Store.

Raptors Jersey - Fresh Print Magazine

Image from NBA Store.


5)      Northern Uprising T-shirt

These limited edition OVO x RAPTORS 2014 Playoff Edition t-shirts were given to ticket holders of the first playoff game at the Air Canada Centre on Saturday April 19, 2014.  Those looking to get an official t-shirt will likely have to check the classifieds for a reseller.

Northern Uprising T-Shirt - Fresh Print Magazine

Image from OVO.

6)      Car flag

There’s nothing like a little pride waving around on the streets. There are a variety of Raptors flag. The old purple dinosaur flag or the red claw flag.

Image from ebay.

Image from ebay.

Image from Raptors.

7)      Know your hashtags




#Brita [Tweet of the Game gets a Brita prize pack ($200)]

Image from Raptors.









8)      Know the latest gossip

From f-bombs to DUIs, it’s always easy to join the conversation when you’re up to speed on what’s going on in the Raptors’ world.

9)      Brush up on your expletives and know when to use them

GM Masai Ujiri started it all with his $25,000 phrase “fuck Brooklyn” during a fan event in Maple Leaf Square and it hasn’t stopped since.


Image from RaptorsRepublic.

Image from Reddit.



10)      Lint roller

Drake used one.  So should you.  Got to look your best on TV.


Image from Twitter.

Image from Twitter.

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