10 Things You Should Know About Demolition

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Demolition can be a fun project to take on. Everyone likes the idea of just destroying stuff for fun without having to think about the clean-up. It takes place often during a remodel, a restructure, or to clear land for a brand-new building entirely, but there are 10 things you should know about demolition before taking on a job like this. Thankfully the demolition company in Windsor keeps these 10 things in mind during every demolition project.

1. Get Help

Demolition sounds like a lot of fun and it is a lot of fun but hiring a demolition company to assist you or do it for you is absolutely necessary. If you have a demolition project to work on try giving RKS Services Group Inc a call. They are a demolition company in Windsor, Ontario. If you’re renovating a house or remodeling an area, hire an expert to help you out. A building is an intricate object that requires knowledge before gutting into, and if you don’t have this knowledge you may end up destroying an integral part of the construction that can require a lot more funds to be poured in for repairs.

2. Inform your neighbors.

Demolition can be loud. Things crash, drywall is torn down, and it gets loud. No one wants to suddenly hear a loud demolition project take place randomly, so let your neighbors know ahead of time as a courtesy so they’re aware that there’s going to be noise for a while.

3. Stay within regulations.

Follow the law! Get the correct permits. The most basic of rules that often is overlooked is that a demolition job isn’t something you can just “do”. You need to get permits from your city before you start remodeling depending on your project. Check your city regulations beforehand to avoid any additional fines. If this in itself is a hassle for you, its best you consider hiring a demolition company.

4. Asbestos is a very real thing.

You’ve heard the term and you understand the precautions needed if you’re in the business, but if you’re new to this and unaware yet heard the word “asbestos”, it’s a very hazardous material used in buildings before it was regulated in the ’70s. It can lead to very apparent health risks, and a proper procedure to check for asbestos before, during, and after a project is extremely important for both your safety and for your health. This is where the “Get Help” part comes from. Demolition crews with expertise understand how to check for hazardous materials, properly dispose of them, and work within an environment that may have hazardous materials such as asbestos. If you need a crane for any type of construction job you can crane hire.

5. It’s a Demolition now, a remodel later. Move out in the meantime.

Don’t try to live in your house while it’s under demolition. There’s going to be plenty of dust flying around, possibly hazardous dust at that (Asbestos is a very real thing!) so move out in the meantime until you’re all cleaned up the demolition portion of your project. You’ll thank your sinus.

6. It’s going to get messy. More than you think.

Demolition is a business that has many different companies operating within, and there’s a reason why. You may think “Oh I’ll knock out this wall, this wall, and I’m all set!”, but it’s not that simple. Ignoring our previous points, this one is to assure you that it is not as simple as you think. You’re going to end up destroying twice as much as you thought. One wall comes down, then the next wall is unsteady and needs support. One beam is knocked out, well another may need a replacement alongside the first one. It requires lots of materials and funds, and you’re going to end up destroying more than you thought. Once again, this is why you should get help for demolition. With expertise by your side, they’ll know what to knock out and what not to, and how to safely do so.

7. Remodeling isn’t just the appearance, it’s the bone structure.

When it comes to demolition and remodeling, you’re demolishing a certain area of your property to remodel. Simple, but not quite so. Like we stated before, one beam is knocked out and another may need a replacement. For the most intensive remodel, a couple of suggestions are to take the walls down to the studs and upgrade your insulation. This is just a basic suggestion, but it’s to present to you that you may need to repair the “bones” of the property before you lay the appearance on.

8. If an expert says, “We suggest”, take the suggestion.

Experts are experts for a reason. They didn’t get their knowledge and experience from sheer luck, it’s from years of doing the job. If you’ve followed advice number 1 and gotten help, and one of the experts gives you an example of number 7 like “take down this wall to restructure it”, then take the suggestion strongly. This is your home, best to make it as nice as possible right?

9. Your budget isn’t enough, have backup funds.

Demolition is expensive. Like we’ve been saying, it’s not just destroying a couple of walls for fun, it’s an expensive “surgery” that you need to do on your property. Be prepared to spend plenty of money on demolition because it will take up a lot of funds and be prepared with backup funds for demolition because it is expensive.

10. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Don’t forget that just because you’re doing a demolition job on your property, doesn’t mean that everything within the demolition area is garbage. You can reuse and recycle a lot of the materials you may end up removing, saving you some money in case advice number 9 of extra funds isn’t an option.

These are 10 things you should know about demolition. It’s a fun project for sure, but it can be an extremely stressful and pointless project if you don’t do things properly. Following these 10 pieces of advice will prove useful for your project and can make the entire demolition processes more enjoyable.

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