5 Simple Ways to Make Your Day-to-Day Life More Eco Friendly

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Increasingly, more people are becoming eco friendly because of the need to protect the environment. Though it may seem intimidating, there are a lot of small changes that you can incorporate in your daily life.

For your convenience, here are five simple ways to help you become more eco friendly.

1. Make Small Changes to Your Diet

One of the easiest ways to become more eco friendly is to adjust your diet. Livestock production emits about 31% of all gas coming from the food production process.

Reducing meat from your diet is a simple way to make you more environmentally friendly. If you don’t want to reduce your meat consumption, consider buying from local farmers and growers.

Plus, locally grown food tends to be healthier.

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2. Buy Your Clothes From Thrift Stores or Eco Friendly Brands

The fashion industry is a massive contributor to pollution and greenhouse gases. This is especially true for stores that take part in “fast fashion.” Try shopping at thrift stores or pre-owned retailers for your clothing.

With a little effort, it may surprise you what you can find at your local thrift store.

There are also several fashion companies like this guide by earthfriendlyshoes.com that you can support in your eco friendly journey.

3. Limit Your Personal Car Use

A common way to become more eco friendly is to reduce the frequency that you drive your car. Solar-powered cars are great, but they are expensive, and not everyone can afford one.

So, if you’re not going far, you can get some exercise by walking or riding your bike.

Try using public transportation as much as you can without having to rely on your vehicle. And remember, carpooling is always a good idea!

4. Reuse and Recycle as Much as Possible

According to the EPA, about 270 million tons of waste is produced every year. By reusing and recycling, you can do your part to reduce this number.

Because plastic is especially harmful to the environment, buy a reusable water bottle. For any paper and plastic items that you currently have, find creative ways to make use of them other than throwing them out.

5. Install Renewable Energy Sources

This isn’t as simple as the other tips, but it can significantly contribute to an eco friendly lifestyle. If you’re thinking of buying a home, consider installing solar panels.

Though expensive in the short-term, it will save you tons of money on your energy bill. This results in long-term savings.

Now You Know Simple Ways to Become More Eco Friendly

Most of these changes don’t involve complete life overhauls. If you find it intimidating, you can always start small and gradually build your way up to these habits.

It all takes some getting used to, but you should feel motivated about the contributions you’re making to a more eco friendly lifestyle.

And if you found this article helpful, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. We cover a ton of topics, including other excellent articles on the environment that you’re sure to love!

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