7 Smart PDF Tips for Bloggers

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Are you looking for new ways to improve your blog or are you looking to start a blog with Custom WordPress Development?

Businesses often look for ways to cut costs if there are better alternatives to use. It’s because of this that most businesses go paperless and perform most of their operations on the internet. Bloggers get the most out of this change since they can let their skill set shine.

How can you improve the blog you’re making for your brand, though? Converting most files to PDF is a good way to start. Here are some tips for bloggers to help convince you that converting to PDF is easy and the best course of action.

Read on to learn how to convert your files to PDF. You will also learn about the benefits of converting to PDF and how it can help your brand.

1. Convert from PDF to Any File Format

Why do most brands convert their files to PDF? They do so because it’s easy to convert them back to their original file formats. This is because every platform supports and even encourages the use of PDF.

It helps people have an easier time accessing their files to upload as their blog. What’s great is that you can also convert a PDF into different file formats. This makes it an easy way to convert your files into the format you need them to be.

This is thanks to PDFs being the most universal format. The conversion is accurate, too. It means you need not worry about any misalignments and layout differences from the original file.

The best benefit you get out of this is that you can edit a file on its native file format. It’s an easier way of editing if you know the file will become uploaded in the same format.

2. Scan Your PDF Using OCR

Another amazing feature of PDFs is the Optical Character Recognition feature. Most people call it text recognition, but the OCR is much more complex than that. This is a plugin that allows bloggers to search their PDF for the text that any language the OCR covers.

PDFs are unlike normal text documents in that it’s harder to search for text on the file. This is because everything in a single page of a PDF counts as a single element. This means, unless you dig deeper into the source code of the file, you won’t find the words you search for in the file.

The OCR turns PDFs into editable content. It also does this for image-based files that contain text, allowing you to edit any element in an image. OCR then scans the PDF for any correction in the language you set it in.

This makes it a great tool to use as a grammar and spelling checker. It has accuracy in over 25 preset languages. It becomes your best tool to ensure your blog is free of any error before you upload it.

There are other ways for you to search for text and other elements in a PDF file. Check this guide at https://setapp.com/how-to/search-for-text-with-pdf-search to learn more.

3. Keep Your Samples Under Lock and Key

Are you creating blogs and blogging platforms for clients, instead? This is a good business model if you’re quicker than most in creating amazing blogging websites. It makes it even more lucrative of a business option if your clients pay upfront.

However, the client often asks to see how the finished product will look like. This is always a risk since most take what you show them and work around it. This leaves you with a half-paid task that you didn’t even complete yet.

With PDFs, though, you can keep your work password-protected. Add a watermark before showing it to your client and you’re good. They won’t be able to remove the watermark since the PDF will ask them for your password.

This is among the best social media tips for bloggers. Most people will see them on the platform and download it if they can.

4. Protective and Selective Viewing

Want your client’s opinion on your work so far? Communication between you and your employee and/or coworkers is an important part of the project’s success. Sometimes, some people can’t help but meddle with your output, though.

This is a good reason for you to keep your files protected. PDFs allow you to edit the viewership of certain individuals. This way, you can set your file to be viewable, but not editable.

You can also set viewership by the individual. This means you can make it so others can see the file, but it stays hidden for others.

It’s a good way to keep information hidden from those who need not see it yet. This is a good way to discuss the points of PowerPoint presentation between your teammates while keeping it hidden from the people who may steal your ideas and points.

5. Never Worry About App Versions

Most file formats need you to update your version to view them. This makes it harder for bloggers who work on different devices to edit their blog. If you save your files as a PDF, though, this won’t become a problem.

PDFs allow you to view and edit them regardless of the version of your app. This means you can have an old version of a PDF viewer and you won’t have a problem with editing your work.

6. Execute Repetitive Tasks at Once

A horrible part of the grind is doing repetitive tasks throughout the day. This can cause you to burn out faster and lose your drive to work.

If you’re using a PDF converter, though, you can execute the same tasks in batches. It’s even an automated operation, making it even easier for you. This is among the best tips for bloggers since it will help you get more webpages done faster.

7. Easy Data Restoration Using PDFs

Making a digital book of your blogs in PDF form is a good way to save your data. This is because it’s easy to upload on cloud-based storage spaces. You also need not worry about opening them on a different OS or device since PDFs keep their format no matter what.

Use These Smart PDF Tips for Bloggers Today

Make PDFs work for your blog with these tips for bloggers! Keep your blog uniform and convenient for you by converting them to PDFs today!

Are you looking for more blogging tips for new bloggers? One of our other PDF guides can help you! Explore our content and learn all you can now!

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