An Unemployed Twenty-Something’s Guide To Surviving Life

by Sarah O' Leary
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As an unemployed twenty-something in this day and age, life may look  a little bleak.  Fear not! There are some things you can do to make it through. So hike up your boots and push down your pride. You simply have to get crafty with how you survive.

An Unemployed Twenty-Something’s Guide To Surviving Life

Number 1: So face it, even with a university degree under your belt you’re having a difficult time even landing a “McJob.” There are several alternatives to landing some extra money. For example, if you are an artist apply for a grant. There are several artist grants available, you just have to do the research. You should also check out the employment resource centers because they may have wadge subsidy for incentives.  Another alternative is getting on social assistance or ODSP.  Consider becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business. There are many success stories of twenty-somethings who go this route. Remember to continue to be persistent.

Number 2:  In these times, you may feel like you are suffering from economic anorexia by not having the money to eat. Word of advice – when it comes to saving money on food, ramen noodle bowls are the way to go. They’re extremely cheap, some as low as 60 cents a bowl. One bowl of ramen noodles a day will help you put money away… well not really, but at least it will stretch the little  money you have  bit further. Another good one is Kraft Dinner. It is extremely cheap and popular amongst a lot of youths. Other options include food banks and community agencies

Number 3: So you’re starting to get discouraged with the job hunt and are beginning to feel worthless. Evaluate your connections and utilize your network of friends for possible temporary jobs.

Number 4: Job hunting can be very grueling at times, so it is important to have some personal time to keep yourself sane as well as to de-stress.  Partake in relaxing activities such as watching TV, playing sports, hanging out with friend and things to take your mind off of your current situation.

Number 5: Word of advice, don’t be ashamed to go to the soup kitchen. You may run into more hostile individuals at the normal soup kitchens  so it’s better to go to a youth soup kitchen. It’s a good way to have a more home-cooked meal.

Number 6: Only take an internship if it offers valuable work experience for a short term and only if they pay you something. Don’t undersell yourself and don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of. You should be compensated for your hard work and skills!

Number 7: If you score an interview, keep in mind that there are resources out there to assist you in getting an affordable (and respectable!) outfit.

Number 8: Keep applying for jobs! Don’t give up. Eventually, someone will hire you and you’ll be on your way to paying back your mountainous debts.

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