Arts For Children and Youth

by Sarah O' Leary
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Arts For Children and Youth Arts for Children and Youth is giving Goodwill a makeover. For the next few weeks, Arts for Children and Youth ( has enlisted one of its artists in residence to create artwork for the Junction’s Goodwill location (731 Runnymede Rd).  Tara Dorey, a graduate of OCAD, will be exhibiting her paintings, and creating art installations. AFCY’s programs are very community based and promote social change. This particular program is designed as an awareness campaign to make the public think twice before donating something ripped, broken, unusable or unsellable.

Arts For Children and Youth - Fresh PrintInstallation art is done by using a three dimensional space as a canvas and arranging physical objects in an eye catching way, usually to make some sort of a statement. One of Tara’s window installations featured items from the Goodwill in the display, arranged in a particular way to convey a message. She has also begun painting a lovely still life of a flower arrangement. In addition, she is featuring another installation piece inspired by old pop art books. Tara is interested in late 20th century pop art and examines how recycled images of the “American Dream” can be used in iconic pop art pieces. Tara will be working on her unique art at the Goodwill every Sunday from 12 to 3 for the rest of this month, so come check it out!

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