Ashley MacIsaac’s 40th Birthday Concert

by Cheryl Duggan
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By: Cheryl Duggan

February 24th, 2015 was Ashley MacIsaac’s 40th birthday.  Where was he?  On stage at Hugh’s Room.  Ashley spent the evening playing for a packed room.  This three time Juno award winner was joking, telling stories, sharing birthday wishes and giving away used boughs in between songs.


Ashley made a timely request “Does anyone have a place for me to stay?” Indicating that his current “digs” are under constant surveillance. A reference to the giant man made hole under police investigation and media scrutiny on a field not far from York University campus.

He dared to tell a story about a party with family members that didn’t leave enough money for a cab home.  This was right about the time that bank machines first came on line.  An empty envelope was inserted in order to withdraw cash to pay for the taxi.  While that’s not exactly the family jewels. It may have been some coin.

Shortly after sharing a birthday wish from Prince William, Ashley opened a birthday card on stage from a fan.  Lottery tickets fell out.  He indicated that if the tickets were winners he would donate the money to charity.

Ashley MacIsaac further revealed his giving nature as he handed out about a dozen used boughs.  He claimed that it was less expensive to simply buy new ones than restringing the old ones.

There was no flashing of the family jewels.  There were no declarations of political candidacy.  At 40 the edge may have worn off of Ashley MacIsaac’s persona.  But in no way has it impacted his performance.  It goes without saying that Ashley MacIsaac’s birthday concert was enough to awaken a “Sleepy Maggie.”



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