Bernie Sanders’ latest campaign video will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck

by Fresh Print Magazine
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They told us we were categorically confined to traits that we inherited, had us check off boxes in census surveys, as if what we were could be contained inside a pie graph. They told us we were separated by difference, to keep that which is unfamiliar at arms length to remain a comfortable and patriotic citizen. They showed us that their model of a healthy nation could only be built on the backs of its weakest members, that they believed power was a birthright and ethics were optional if you had the right country club membership. They told us that excess was natural, that the vast gap between a full stomach and a distended belly was only a symptom of a lack of worth ethic, not a lack of opportunity. They told us that there is no such thing as society, just clusters of individuals dog piling in anxiety until some of us reach a penthouse or private jet or corner office.

But on all accounts They were wrong— we are more than just the aspects that divide us. And this time, we will refuse to let the greater thread of our humanity become subordinate to our differences.

The newest Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign video captures the togetherness in 60 seconds. Vaulting our labels is the only way we will ever see equality overcome avarice in our time:

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