Busking for Someone Not There

by Chad Kirvan
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Someone Not There - Web seriesMusicians and other artists busked in the busy streets of Toronto to help raise funds and awareness for a new webisode entitled Someone Not There. This fun and exciting event was put on by the show’s writer and director Sherren Lee, who spoke on the advantages of using other artists to help promote the web series. As Lee explained, it is very difficult to turn a web series into a street performance, which is why she needed the help of street-friendly artists to make some noise. Lee also revealed that Someone Not There is heavily based in Toronto’s art world and will likely feature independent artists on a regular bases.  Having local artists promote the show not only built up some hype for the upcoming project, but also gave Lee a chance to meet with some local talent who could later be featured in an episode.

Someone Not There - Web series

Throughout the day a handful of different artists including 1992 Toronto Blue Jays, Stellarize and Nate Jaiwallace busked their hearts out in different locations including Dundas Square, College & Yonge and Queen & John. To make the performances even more eye catching each artist was accompanied by a small entourage dedicated to promoting both the show and the artists themselves via flyers and posters.

Someone Not There - Web seriesThis unique gorilla style marketing campaign was both successful and a great amount of fun. The show will begin shooting on November 1st.  Those interested in their production can follow Someone Not There on Facebook but will have to wait until the winter launch to see the final product.

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