Creating a BookBuzz

by Jill Nagel

It’s a good time to be a book lover. It seems everywhere you turn, there’s a new online imprint, an innovative new publishing platform, or a unique way to get the books you want to read into your hands.  In an environment where thousands of books are literally at your fingertips, how can authors get their books noticed? Authors   Samantha Stroh Bailey (Finding Lucas)Francine LaSala (The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything),and Meredith Schorr (Blogger Girl), took their launch out of the book store to create some buzz.

Creating a BookBuzzBookBuzz, is more than a launch, it’s a celebration! Authors and reader have the opportunity to get to know each other. The party is just as much about the readers as it is about the authors. The first BookBuzz Mix and Mingle was held in New York City earlier this year. Last week, BookBuzz held their second shindig at The Crest (794 St Clair Ave West) in Toronto. Twelve authors and bloggers came together to have a few drinks, chat with their fans and show off their latest projects.

The Authors and Bloggers

Cat Lavoie  Lydia Laceby

Chantel Guertin   Meredith Schorr

Francine LaSala   Romi Moondi

Heather Wardell Samantha Stroh Bailey

Kate Hilton   Samantha March
Kaley Stewart of Books Etc.     Kathryn Laceby of Novel Escapes

These fantastic women may have arrived at the same place, but they each took very different paths to get there. Some decided to self publish, while others signed with agents and published through traditional house. Others still, created a following through blogging. Samantha March even created her very own publishing company.  Lydia Laceby is debuting her first novel, while Heather Wardell has published her 13th. When asked for some tips for new and emerging writers, the BookBuzz authors agreed.

  • Write: If you want to publish a book, you have to sit down and do it. Writing is hard work. You can’t just say you want to write a book, you have to put in the effort to do it.
  • Write what you like. You’ll be putting in a lot of hours. You should at least be having a good time.
  • Don’t chase trends. Publishing takes a long time. By the time you finish the trend will be over.
  • Don’t respond to negative reviews. Not everyone is going to like what you’re writing. Suck it up and keep going.
  • Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in your writing, no one else will.
  • Don’t cut corners. Hire an editor and a cover designer if you are self-publishing. You want to put out the best possible product.
  • Don’t give up your day job.

Creating a BookBuzz - Fresh Print

BookBuzz Toronto was sponsored by Kobo Writing Life, Wattpad, Now Magazine and The Crest. For more information and future events check out the BookBuzz Blog


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