These Five Offices Actually Make You Want To Go To Work 


We’ve all heard about the Google offices. Slides in splashes of primary colours weave their way through the building, mini-golf courses wait on every mezzanine, and there’s a pinball machine or arcade game within eye’s view at all times. What’s the word we instinctively jump to when describing these kinds of offices? Cool.Turns out there’s a lot more to it than that. Not only are these kinds of offices comfortable and homey, they convey a message of trust from employers to employees: “We’ve put a ping-pong table in the office because we trust you won’t spend all your time using it.” The option to play ping-pong for 15 minutes during an eight-hour workday also makes the remainder of those working hours more productive. Collaborative offices—think communal tables and shared spaces—encourage employee interaction and innovation (where do we get good ideas if not from talking to one another?). Staff are happier, more engaged, and more passionate. Ultimately, these types of workspaces—and this is the part that employers will be interested in—boost productivity.

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