by Sarah O' Leary
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Gamercamp - Toronto

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take part in Gamercamp; an exhibition of arcade and video games from across North America and Europe. Gamercamp participants were afforded the opportunity to view and test out several different games set up on four floors of the Hotel Ocho, on Spadina Avenue. Gamercamp was full of exhibits that highlighted the variety of different types of games out there giving attendees a glimpse into the future of the gaming industry. The style of their setup was very similar to an art show, but instead it showcased unique, modern arcade games as well as new video games that are ready to hit the market. One particularly fun part of the show was the second floor which featured an engaging, active arcade setup with some of the most interesting, innovative, and fun games in the industry. It was an extremely popular part of the exhibition for all the young people who got to enjoy themselves playing these games. Another interesting aspect was the way you were able to explore around the hotel, stop in a room you thought might be of interest, sit down on the hotel bed and try out the new video game. These hotel rooms also featured information about the game and the game’s designer so that gaming fans were able to appreciate the designer’s digital artwork and the uniqueness of that game’s features. Attendees could fully appreciate the intelligence and artistic talent that goes into a game design.Gamer camp - Fresh Print

In addition to game company sponsors, there was also a Next Generation Showcase event, sponsored by many of the colleges and universities that foster digital media programs such as Humber School of Media Studies, Centenial College,  OCAD University, Trios College and George Brown College, that gave young gamers the opportunity to try new games and technologies from their schools. These colleges and universities also set up booths and supplied information about related programs and courses they are offering, that give students the opportunity to work on the future of gaming.Gamer camp - Toronto - Fresh Print

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