Hands Up For Teenage Powerhouse Brandon and Savannah

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Hands Up For Teenage Powerhouse Brandon and Savannah

Photography by: Connor Fyfe

Age may be a reflection of the number of steps taken but it is certainly not an accurate measure of the space between footprints. Brandon and Savannah stand miles ahead of musicians twice their age with a musical resume to rival even the most experienced performers. At the young ages of 15 and 17, the sibling duo has marked their name on stages across America, already having played LA’s prestigious Club Nokia and Radio City Music Hall in NYC. The siblings have fans from England to Canada, capturing the minds and ears of musically motivated youth with infectious melodies and a perfect harmonic blend that only those of the genes could hope to achieve. Recently the young stars embarked on their first-ever stadium tour with pop-sensation R5, taking their show to the screaming embrace of young Canadian fans across the country. I caught up with Brandon and Savannah before their sold-out show at Copps Colosseum in Hamilton, Ontario to talk music and gain some insight into how they went from a small town to the big stage.

Hands Up For Teenage Powerhouse Brandon and Savannah

Photography by: Connor Fyfe

Brandon and Savannah were raised in a small Florida town spanning the humble distance of eleven by eleven miles. Being the retirement capital of North America, there wasn’t exactly a swelling music scene and the siblings began their musical careers playing in a church band. True to the family fact of sibling rivalry, the musicians were not always a tight package. “I was more into theatrics and dancing and he was into sitting alone and playing guitar in his bedroom” Says Savannah.
“Then I saw how she was getting all the attention and we decided that two heads were better then one. I taught her how to song write and she taught me how to be outgoing.” Says Brandon

Under the encouragement of their mother, the sibling music makers took a chance and auditioned for season 8 of Americas Got Talent, their tight performances and catchy songs keeping the celebrity judges smiling and advancing them to the quarter final round of the competition. Savannah comments, “With the response we got from listeners, we knew that this was something we had to stick with.”

With the kick-start of a national platform, Brandon and Savannah released their first EP, Adolescent Summer in 2013, drawing the attention of Disney who began to endorse the musical pair’s talents. Drawing influence from Fleetwood Mac to James Blake, the duo’s signature sound combines the dynamics of experimental production and the catchy pop sensibilities that are ready for radio play. Brandon says “We are big believers in original presence and know there is no point in doing something if everyone is already doing it. Music is all about creating your own colour.”

Brandon and Savannah - Fresh Print Magazine

Photography by: Connor Fyfe

The creatively driven teenagers maintain honesty to their age, drawing most of their thematic material from the trials and tribulations of youth. The teenage years stand as the battleground for developing a healthy self-ego and often the time is over run by waves of feelings that are entirely new and may feel unnatural. “As writers we want to let youth know that its okay to represent something different. You can have a say in the world when you are young. We are the next in line to run the country, so I feel like to take on that responsibility and speak out is something important.” Says Brandon

Currently, Brandon and Savannah have a new EP in the works, and are working hard to remould their sound to better reflect where they are now as artists. Now in the studio, the duo has been experimenting with 808 drum machines and analog synthesizers, adding a larger electronic element to their edgy-pop sound. Savannah says, “I feel like when people find something they are good at they tend to cling to it, but we are in a constant state of change. I think we understand that you never truly find yourself as a musician and art is really all about growing and maturing.”

The new EP is set to release sometime later this year as fans shake with an urging sense of anticipation. Between their studio sessions, Brandon and Savannah are lighting up stages across America, making stops from Virginia to New York City on their latest national tour. Latin fans can get excited as they are soon set to announce tour stops at South American festivals. With musical accomplishment and a tour schedule that refuses to slow pace, Brandon and Savannah are proof that age is not a state of change but a state of mind.

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