How to Do Your Bit for the Climate Crisis

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About 90% of disasters happening around the world are climate and weather-related. As a result, the world economy spends about 520 billion every year, trying to mitigate these issues. The issue can never be fully resolved unless everyone takes up their roles in healing mother nature.

As it stands, planet Earth is in a climate crisis. Future generations might have nothing to pride in living on this planet. Do you know you can be part of the solution?

If the climate crisis news sends chills down your spine, you’re not alone. You can make a difference by doing your bit. Keep reading to know more about the climate crisis and how you can help.

What Is Climate Crisis?

Climate crisis is a description of the adverse consequences of climate change and global warming. The term, climate crisis invokes a sense of urgency, which describes the actual situation. While climate crisis definition might differ from one person to another, the underlying concept is that it is a threat to planet Earth and humanity.

Given the serious impacts of the climate crisis, it’s important to find workable solutions for a better future. Here are some of the ways you can be part of the solution;

1. Cut the Extraction of Fossil Fuels

Burning fossil fuels has been one of the central factors contributing to climate change. Currently, the world is warmer than in the pre-industrial era. The industries produce not only greenhouses gasses but also thermal emissions.

The extraction of coal, natural gas, and oil has also been attributed to climate changes. In fact, there has been a growing trend where people are extracting fossil fuel in America’s public lands.

The federal government needs to be at the forefront in making stringent leasing rules. You can be part of the movement by signing a petition to ensure that the public lands aren’t used to harm the environment.

How willing are you to take part in this climate crisis solution?

2. Use Solar Panels in Your Home

Embracing solar energy means that we are less dependent on fossil fuels. The move is among the best and most sustainable ways of mitigating global warming. With solar power, you don’t need to worry about the emission of harmful gases.

You can check the solar panel installation cost from your local providers. You’ll be spoilt for choice since the market is growing steadily and prices are becoming competitive. The investment you make in the solar panel is nothing compared to the benefits you stand to get individually and within your environment.

Currently, the U.S. government has fronted several incentive programs, hoping that more Americans will embrace renewable energy use. As such, these solar panels’ prices are not as exorbitant as they were in the initial years of their development. Right now, there shouldn’t be an excuse as to why you’ve not yet installed a solar panel.

3. Push for Climate Action

Despite the growing concerns of the deteriorating climate condition, leaders aren’t acting as promptly as possible. Some legislation remains solely on paper, never to be enacted. It’s essential to raise your voice if you want to see changes.

You can share your sentiments on the climate crisis on your social media pages. Discuss the issue with your family and friends. Push for legislation to ensure that leaders are accountable.

Your voice count in standing for what is right. As more people join in such campaigns, leaders will start viewing the issue with the urgency it deserves.

4. Involve the Local Communities

A recent study shows that immigrants are three times more likely to succumb to heat-related illnesses than U.S. citizens. While the climate crisis is a global concern, some communities feel the heat more than others. Often, their socio-economic status impacts the way the climatic changes affect them.

The only way to tackle the climatic change successfully is by involving these communities in climate change conversations. They need to table their first-hand experience with the climate crisis. Recommendations from the most affected communities will be mostly practical.

You can go out to meet leaders in these communities. Interact via social media or any other avenue. Work at bringing on the table people affected directly by the climatic changes.

5. Choose the Ideal Mode of Transport

Burning fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline release carbon dioxide gas into our atmosphere. As the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases fill the atmosphere, the earth warms up, leading to climate change. Given the number of vehicles on our roads today, the issue will keep on escalating.

You can work on reducing transport emissions by using public transport. If more people embraced public transport, there would be fewer cars on the roads.

You can also choose to cycle, which won’t have any negative impacts on the environment. For short distances, walking to your destination will be a double win for you!

It would also help to have a fuel-efficient vehicle. Your impact might seem insignificant, considering the magnitude of the climate change crisis. Yet, the small steps count as more people will join to make the world a better place.

6. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Your home’s energy use affects climate change. Excessive consumption of energy in your home contributes to global warming. You can change the narrative by making your home more energy-efficient.

It would be best to find other ways of cooling and heating your house to reduce your energy use. You can have a ceiling fan, clean air filters, and programmable thermostats for efficient home heating and cooling. You might also need to draw your curtains, especially at night, to insulate your house better.

The kind of bulbs used to light your home will also have significant impacts on your energy efficiency. You can introduce LEDs, which use less energy as compared to the traditional incandescent lights. The steps you take will have an overall impact on energy conservation.

Addressing the Climate Crisis Needs Everyone’s Input

Recent years have seen a deterioration of climate change and global warming. Human activities have been contributing to the current climate crisis, whose effects are quite adverse. Everyone must take up a role in mitigating this global challenge.

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