If you have always wanted to be a mermaid, there’s a school for that

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Introducing Merfest: a mermaid convention that lets you live out your childhood fantasy without raising too many eyebrows.

Located in Cary, North Carolina, over 300 of these real-life mermaids meet up three times a week at the public swimming pool to hang out, “learn the ways of mermaiding for entertainment, performances, photography and more,” according to Merfest’s website.

These events are organized by people that go by “merfolks,” that do photo-shoots, birthday parties and meet and greets. They also raise money from the convention that goes to local charities.

You would think that these events would cost about two dollars, the price to swim at a public pool. Well think again: these tickets are often similar to the price of seeing a prestige concert.

These people got married at Merfest.


A general admission ticket starts at $40. Then, you have to pay for each additional event. The Advanced Underwater Breath Hold Class ticket costs $30. The Merfolk “Underwater Affair” Ball costs $75. Although the website does not say what this price goes towards, it’s assumed that costumes, make-up and photos are a large part of it.

Merfest is an event that is not taken lightly; people have got married here and attend annually. If you thought it couldn’t get anymore magical, this year the event will include pirates.

If you would like to be a mermaid, but aren’t sure if you are going to fit in with the other mermaids, you can take some pre-mermaid lessons to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself by nearly drowning.

The Philippines offers a mermaid swim school called The Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy. Not only will you learn how to swim with a tail, but you will get to practice the graceful motion of the mermaid, which is also a good method of fitness.

If you were born to be a fish—or half-human half-fish—you can now pursue your destiny. There are entire communities of mermaids waiting. This school also gives you great Ideas for Senior pictures.


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