Johnson & Johnson

by Matthew Diamante


We are one of the world’s most respected employers. We know that people and values are our greatest assets. Every product, every invention, every breakthrough that we have introduced has been powered by people.

Choose a functional area you would like to learn more about.

  • Marketing, Marketing at Johnson & Johnson Inc. is an exciting and dynamic role. With a passion for our beloved brands.
  • Sales, with an unsurpassed commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and the people our customers serve.
  • Quality, QA aims to deliver innovative solutions and sustainable compliance.
  • Regulatory Affairs, The primary role of our regulatory affairs team is to ensure that our products and product claims are compliant with all Canadian regulations.
  • Supply Chain Planning, Our dedicated team of customer supply chain leaders work together to ensure that the right products get to the right customers at the right time.
  • Information Technology, At Johnson & Johnson Inc., we are a progressive information technology organization with a global reach.
  • Finance, Our finance team members are critical business partners in creating value and driving business results.
  • Human Resources, as fully integrated business partners, our human resources team members are business focused, customer centric and empowered to add value.
  • Linguistic Services, Working closely with business partners throughout our company, the linguistics team ensures accurate and strategic French translation of all internal communications.
  • Legal, Our law department provides a wide range of legal advice on all matters of compliance with local, provincial and federal laws.
  • Process Excellence, Johnson & Johnson Inc. has a long-standing commitment to process excellence. Through the deployment of Six Sigma lean and design excellence.

Career Development at Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Within a Johnson & Johnson company, you have the advantage of a supportive, team-oriented environment where individuals’ capabilities and potential are recognized and nurtured. Our employees have a broad range of career development opportunities within our organization or with other members of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Canada or around the world. To support the most effective career development process for our employees, we provide coaching, comprehensive feedback, career development planning and a highly personalized dialogue between you and your manager.