Nerd Noise Night

by Cheryl Duggan
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9_Nerd Noise Night

BY: Cheryl Duggan

Over the last five years Nerd Noise Night has become the unofficial Friday and Saturday night after party for Fan EXPO.  Coincidentally, during the day super heroes from the Nerd Noise Night line up can be found at a booth at Fan EXPO with their merch. That fan merchandise included t-shirts, buttons, stickers, CD’s and, of course, comic books.

1_Nerd Noise Night

Kirby Krackle performed both “The Day My Power Arrived” and “Ring Capacity” his ode to the comic book hero Green Lantern.

2_Nerd Noise Night
Then we have the Wordburglar with his raps about comic books, his recently released comic book – The Last Paper Route, and, if I’m not mistaken, judging by the cover art of his latest music release, Rapplicable Skills, he could very well be gearing up to have a Wordburglar action figure.

3_Nerd Noise Night
Overlapping the stage with Wordburglar was More or Les who’s latest release is being billed as the “Doctor Who mixed tape you never knew you wanted.”

4_Nerd Noise Night

He was followed by Hervana.  They are an all girl band that represent more than a simple nod to the superheroes of grunge rock, Nirvana.

5_Nerd Noise Night

The Blast Processors were next.  They are self proclaimed time travellers.  I’m surprised they landed at Nerd Noise Night.  Especially with their new album release “The Speed of Sound.”

6_Nerd Noise Night

When Chuckie Campbell took the stage I was struggling to find his connection to geek culture.  Finally as he introduces his final song I got it.  He has a PhD in English Lit.  During the daytime this superhero is a professor.

7_Nerd Noise Night

If you blinked you missed the moment where Timbuktu (half of the Teenburger duo) took a sip of water for himself.  Then he proceeded to give the cartoon dog on his t-shirt a sip as well.

8_Nerd Noise Night

There were also visible nods to nerd nature as beat master Fresh Kils performed his set in his Atari retro gaming t-shirt.

9_Nerd Noise Night

But, by far the most anticipated act of Nerd Noise Night was The Cybertronic Spree.  No wonder!  The Horseshoe Tavern was bursting at the seams when a group of robots took over the stage.  They perform songs from The Transformers: The Movie.  It was beyond transformative when The Cybertronic Spree broke into the theme song for the Power Rangers.

Honestly, as a critic of just about anything and everything, I wouldn’t change a thing about Nerd Noise Night.  Except maybe the unofficial Fan EXPO after party status.   Just sayin’ …

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