Nicole McInerney

by Sarah O' Leary
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I had the opportunity to sit down with Nicole McInerney, the head of the youth advocacy program at the Canadian Cancer Society. The focus of the program is to get youth involved with the fight against cancer by educating them on how to become advocates for policy change. Nicole’s background experience includes working in youth oriented volunteer activities, coordinating and managing events, and working for other sectors of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Nicole McInerney - Fresh Print

Nicole saw the opportunity to give youth a voice when it comes to changing policies. Ultimately, her goal is to empower young people in the fight against cancer and provide them with the knowledge they need to advocate for changes in areas that affect their generation. She wants them to know that they can make a positive impact in changing policy. Important topics include tobacco control and the awareness of the risks associated with indoor tanning. Nicole works together with youth and uses creative approaches to get the message across, such as her brilliant poster which features a powerful image created by the artist Luciano Podcaminsky. The image is incorporated into an ad to change policies on indoor tanning for those under eighteen as well as to spread awareness of the dangerous heath risks of indoor tanning in general.  Nicole believes it is important for youth to be educated and to know how they can reduce their own risk of cancer. She sees it as a first step towards influencing public policy.

Nicole McInerney - Fresh Print

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