Platinum Blonde @ The Danforth Music Hall

by Cheryl Duggan
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1_Platinum Blonde The Danforth Music Hall

Platinum Blonde found themselves on stage at the Danforth Music Hall on Boxing Day. They themselves had questioned whether or not people would show up to a concert the day after Christmas. Thankfully, there were a number of Hungry Eyes (and ears) in attendance making it abundantly clear that It Doesn’t Really Matter what day of the year it is true fans will be Standing In The Dark right along with them.

Given that the day before Platinum Blonde’s performance was Christmas you would expect a few signs of over consumption as they played their set.

Throughout the main portion of the concert the vocalist Mark Holmes dropped the odd line of a song, or, simply lagged while getting back to the mic between instrumentals. That’s understandable given that they were in all likelihood digesting leftovers from their holiday feasts.

There weren’t any obvious mistakes that the audience noticed. Not until the encore when Mark acknowledged that he flubbed the first few lines of a song. It is truly understandable to lapse in lyrical ability when that song is titled Hungry Eyes. Especially after a day dedicated to over indulgence. Take It From Me, the modifications to Platinum Blonde’s Boxing Day performance added a note of seasonal authenticity further endearing them to their fans.

1_Platinum Blonde The Danforth Music Hall

2_Platinum Blonde The Danforth Music Hall

3_Platinum Blonde The Danforth Music Hall

4_Platinum Blonde The Danforth Music Hall

5_Platinum Blonde The Danforth Music Hall

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