The Nuit Blanche Experience

by Sarah O' Leary
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Kicking off October with a creative bang, Nuit Blanche was a unique celebration of the arts in Toronto. For many young people, this is a night to gallery hop and partake in the festivities Nuit Blanche has to offer. Some of the more prominent art pieces that stood out this year were the digital art installations that were set up in various outdoor spots around the city.
The Nuit Blanche Experience - Toronto
Many of them featured projected images and videos for an interesting effect to grab the attention of onlookers.  One installation in particular was set up in the back of a small moving truck, where images were being projected through a translucent screen while a musician sat behind it, exposing his silhouette and playing electronic noise music.
The Nuit Blanche Experience - Fresh Print
There were a lot of young people displaying their art in the west end of town as they opened their studio spaces to showcase their works. It was amazing and inspiring to see youth embracing the arts culture and showing their talent. All in all, Nuit Blanche goes to show that Toronto has some seriously talented artists. Check out the video “Nuit Blanche Experience” to see some of the Nuit Blanche footage.
The Nuit Blanche Experience - Fresh Print
Nuit Blanche - Toronto
Nuit Blanche - Fresh Print

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