The Tea Party @ Kool Haus

by Cheryl Duggan
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By: Cheryl Duggan
Have you ever paid attention to the rumours that float through the crowd at a concert?  They can be related to the band performing or the venue they are playing.  They can be old news recycled or breaking news bulletins.  The Tea Party concert at the Kool Haus on November 27th was no exception.
DSC03190Thankfully the rumors of the band breaking up are outdated.  After an almost ten year hiatus due to creative differences The Tea Party is back together.  From the sound of things everything before this has been the preparation for a new fired up direction for the band.  There website claims “We laid all this kerosene … now it’s time … to light the match.”
Sadly, the other rumor involved the upcoming closure of the Kool Haus, is true.  The property that the Kool Haus and Guvernment Complex sits on has been sold to allow for commercial and residential development.  It will be closing its doors on January 31st, 2015.
During the concert, in between songs, The Tea Party front man Jeff Martin acknowledged that he was just getting over a cold due to travelling from Australia’s 38 degrees to ‘here’.  He did his utmost to avert any rumours that this could be a rock and roll cold. Unfortunately, there was inadequate compensation on the lead mic for his vocals that it made it impossible to decipher the lyrics.
I felt less than my natural post concert high when I exited the venue.  (No I do not imbibe in any substances legal or otherwise.)  I just felt like I was missing something. So I came home and downloaded The Tea Party’s new album – The Ocean at the End which was released this past September.
My top three picks for songs on this album are The Black Sea (I dare you to listen to this song and not think of it as a pirate anthem), Water’s On Fire (I am pretty sure you will appreciate the unapologetic message of the lyrics), and the title track The Ocean At the End (I love the intro sounds of the surf and seagulls).
The live vocals may have had a watered down quality to them.  But, I am satisfied that I was led adrift in the right direction.  All the way to The Tea Party’s The Ocean at the End.

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