Tim Hortons 2014 Camp Day

by Pandora Angelique Lee
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Tim Hortons 2014 Camp Day

Image from Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons Camp Day

On June 4, 2014 Tim Hortons across Canada and the United States celebrated Camp Day.  On Camp Day 100% of the proceeds of coffee sales are donated to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.  In 2013, Camp Day raised $11.8 million for the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. This year’s goal was to raise enough funds to send over 17,000 children to camp.


Tim Hortons 2014 Camp DayIn addition to coffee sales, funds were also raised through the ‘Rent-a-Tent’ and ‘Rent-a-Cabin’ program (guests personalized paper cut-out tents and cabins and posted them in the restaurant).  Customers could also text CAMP to 45678 to make a $5.00 donation to Camp Day.

Each restaurant also created its own fundraising activities such as car wash, games, and sales of other products including accessories and potted plants.

Tim Hortons 2014 Camp Day          Tim Hortons 2014 Camp Day          Tim Hortons 2014 Camp Day

Representatives from all three divisions of emergency services (fire, police, and paramedics), local politicians, sport and media personalities appeared at various Tim Hortons locations throughout the day.

Tim Hortons 2014 Camp Day
Image from Twitter. Carlton the Bear, Toronto Maple Leafs' mascot
Image from Twitter. The Moose, Rochester Americans' mascot
Image from Twitter. Spartacat, Ottawa Senator's mascot
Image from Twitter. Buster T. Bison, Buffalo Bisons' mascot
Image from Twitter. Sabretooth, Buffalo Sabres' mascot
Image from Twitter. Joe Colborne, Calgary Flames
Image from Twitter. Police
Image from Twitter. Fire and Paramedics
Image from Twitter. Erin and Mike, 98.1 CHFI

Canadian country music artists Chad Brownlee and Tenille completed a one-day whirlwind tour of Canada, visiting Tim Hortons restaurants from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

Ron Joyce, co-Founder of Tim Hortons, established the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation in 1974 to honor Tim Horton’s love for children and desire to help those less fortunate.  The program makes a significant difference in the lives of economically disadvantaged young people.  It enables them to discover and open themselves to the possibilities of opportunities that would otherwise not exist.  The program allows children to develop independence, confidence and achieve positive personal goals.

There are currently six Tom Horton camp locations which provide a fun-filled environment: Tim Horton Onondaga Farms, Tim Horton Children’s Ranch, Tim Horton Camp Kentahten, Tim Horton Children’s Camp, Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton, and Tim Horton Memorial Camp.

Tim Horton Restaurant Owners work with local youth agencies and schools to identify children 9-12 years of age who meet criteria.  Summer camp is 10 days in duration and winter camp is one week in duration.  The cost of transportation, equipment, food and lodging are all covered through the Foundation.  Activities range from archery and canoeing in the summer to dog sledding and snow tubing in the winter.  In addition to summer and winter camps, the Foundation operates a year round group program where the similar camp experience is brought to partnered community agencies that work with economically disadvantaged youth.

The Youth Leadership Program comprises of five successive 10-day programs which help develop leadership skill, teamwork, and independence in individuals 13 years and older.  This program occurs at two camp sites and individuals graduating from this program are eligible to receive bursaries for post secondary education.  Since its inception, The Carolee House Bursary Program has awarded over $2,000,000 in bursaries.

“It’s overwhelming each year to see how our guests come together to support the Foundation,” says Bill Moir, President, Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.  “On Camp Day, buying a cup of coffee and participating in the many activities helps contribute to a positive change in a child’s life.  And that’s a good feeling.”

Sending kids to camp=good feeling.  Everyone’s a winner on Camp Day!

Tim Hortons 2014 Camp Day

Image from Twitter.

Photograph by Ingrid Goh except where indicated.

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