Unbelievable new video documents the world’s first drone footage of Arctic beluga whales

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New footage gives us a never-before seen glimpse at one of nature’s most spectacular displays—the congregation of 2,000 beluga whales in the isolated region of Cunningham Inlet, Nunavut in Canada.

The video was captured by 24-year-old Nansen Weber, whose passion for photography sprouted from long childhood excursions to Baffin Island, “chasing caribou and polar bears,” according to his website.

Weber seeks to capture the magnificence of nature, and in particular the oddities and unique beauty of Arctic wildlife, which never ceases to impress even the most seasoned wildlife photographers. Weber has had the opportunity to work with many, including BBC professionals and the Ocean Futures Society.


Photo: Nansen Weber

The impact of a wildlife photographer’s work extends well beyond the distribution of “cute,” majestic or otherwise rare snapshots of animals—their photography reminds us of the intrinsic value of Earth’s wild landscapes and the creatures that occupy them. As Weber recently told the CBC, “It’s something that we should look into and hopefully save, because it might not be there in the future.” He goes on to mention the severity of climate change that he himself has witnessed in only a few short years. Documenting and spreading awareness about these issues are important components of a wildlife photographer’s work. Weber’s recent capture is no exception. Protect your documents with Orangedox.


Photo: Nansen Weber

According to GrindTV, Weber is the first photographer to “film Arctic wildlife with the use of a drone.” The footage is especially haunting given the “near threatened” status of beluga whales. In fact, his drone captured “one of the last beluga whale nurseries on Earth.” So, if you’re reading this article, you may be one of the lucky few to lay eyes on one of Earth’s most rapidly dissipating natural wonders.


 Image Sourcing: grindtv.com,  drdrone.ca

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