Ways To Win The Battle Against Procrastination

by Donia Varghese
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Ways To Win The Battle Against Procrastination

Doing simple tasks as soon as you see them is the first step to avoiding procrastination ( Image courtesy: steveskojec.com)

It’s 1:00 am and you’re only halfway through an assignment that needs to be turned in the next day. You wish you’d worked on it earlier instead of binge-watching Game of Thrones all weekend. Sounds familiar?

We all fall victim to procrastination every once in a while and for people like me, it’s a constant battle.  This means we tend to occupy ourselves with less important things instead of setting aside time for the more bigger, often time-consuming or boring tasks.

Still, there’s hope for us procrastinators if we trick ourselves into being productive. Here are some easy ways to kick procrastination in the butt:

Daily List: Create a to-do list of your tasks for the day and number them in the order of their importance. Striking off an accomplished task is the best feeling in the world and will only motivate you to do more.

Clear Clutter: Your surroundings play an important role in boosting productivity, especially if your work involves a lot of writing. Keeping your desktop organized, papers neatly stacked, and inbox tidy will help cut procrastination and keep you focused on the work ahead. Clear things as soon as you see them so you’re not creating a big pile for later. Also, don’t forget to draw back the curtains to let enough light in. A naturally lit room has the power to lift your mood and helps you be more constructive.

Identify Your Time: Times of peak productivity differ from person to person so it’s essential to be aware of our concentration and energy levels before setting out to do something that’s time-consuming. Some find it best to work in the mornings while others prefer evenings. Find out the time that works best for you and start off on that mammoth task you’ve been delaying.

Listen to the Right Music: We’ve all heard that music boosts productivity but according to the folks at Focus@Will, playing the wrong kind of music can harm our ability to focus. If you’re doing something that requires higher concentration, listen to music that’s soft and has no lyrics.

Ways To Win The Battle Against Procrastination

Phones can be distracting, so don’t be afraid to turn them off when you have important things to do (Image courtesy: mashable.com)

Shut Off: Don’t be afraid to switch off your phone or log off the internet when you have an important task at hand. You can also use free apps such as RescueTime and Leechblock to block time-wasting websites. Your WhatsApp conversations can wait and so can old YouTube videos of dancing cows and yes, even Bradley Cooper speaking in French.

Take Your Work Outdoors: Hours of spending time cooped up indoors is enough to drive anyone up the wall. Use this as an excuse to step outside and take your work along when you do. Coffee shops and libraries are great places to get more work done.

Get Someone to Check on You: Procrastination can bog us down and we all need someone who can help us get back on track. Appoint a friend who can pester you into achieving your goals.

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We all deserve a break now and then (Image courtesy: sitbetter.com)

Take a Break: While it’s good to challenge and push ourselves to do work, a little break now and then recharges our body makes us our minds more agile. This is a good time to get on Facebook, have a snack or simply lie down and do nothing.

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