5 Exercises to Build a Better Booty

by Brittany Clarke
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So everyone knows that a perfect summer booty is built during the winter. With winter (hopefully) coming to an end in the near future, this is definitely the right time to start incorporating some glute toning exercises into you workout regimen. BTW GUYS, this article is not just for girls as there is nothing nicer than a guy with a nice ass. Below are some of my favorite booty blasting exercises.

Squats - 5 Exercises to Build a Better BootySquats: Obviously this is the number one thing on my list for shaping and toning your booty. To really target the booty, I use a Smith Machine and a wider than normal stance so that I am able to go lower into my squat. If you’re not a member of a gym, there are different variations of the squat (i.e., Jump Squats, Plié Squats, Single Leg Squats) that can increase the difficulty, are just as effective, and don’t rather require adding more weight.

Donkey Kicks - 5 Exercises to Build a Better BootyDonkey Kicks: While you may feel funny doing Donkey Kicks, I can assure you that they are worth it. For beginners you can forgo the weights. However, it would be nice to add some weights in there so you can feel the burn! You can do this by using ankle weights or the Smith Machine. Make sure you squeeze the glutes when your leg is in the air to get the maximum benefits.

Stiff Leg Dead Lifts - 5 Exercises to Build a Better BootyStiff Leg Dead Lifts: This is another one of the must do exercises that can easily be done at home. Grab a set of weights, place your feet shoulder width apart, and bend forward at the hips while keeping your legs straight. You may feel as though you’re just stretching but this is a great booty shaping exercise.


Lunges - 5 Exercises to Build a Better BootyLunges: Lunges are my least favorite exercise of all time. But I know how important they are to shape the butt, so I try and incorporate them as much as possible. To make it easier I usually try and include different variations of the lunge during my workout. For example, the basic lunge, the Smith Machine lunge and then ever so difficult jump lunge are part of my regimen. Make sure to push through the heels of your front foot to really target the booty.

Curtsy Lunge - 5 Exercises to Build a Better Booty


Curtsy Lunge: This is one of the most advanced exercises on the list. Not to say it’s difficult to do but it can be hard to find that mind-muscle connection to reap the full benefits. It can be done with or without weights so you can choose the intensity level. You literally just do a curtsy, again making sure to push through your heel of your front foot to target the glutes.

While these exercises are not a comprehensive list of all the booty exercises out there, these are my personal favorites. You can find examples of all these exercises on YouTube by searching the name of each exercise. Best of luck in building your summer booty ladies and gents!

*I am not a Personal Trainer so all of my advice has come through experience and years of training.

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