Ferraro Masters the Classics

by Chad Kirvan
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Tom Ferraro, lead guitarist and vocalist, on stage at the Cameron House

 When it comes to the pleasure of listening to music, you just can’t beat the classics. The distinct musicality and brevity associated with Classic rock ‘n’ roll music continues to attract fans of all ages.  For proof that Classic rock still appeals to the younger generation, music lovers only need to listen to one band, Ferraro.

Ferraro is a dynamic up-and-coming four piece band, consisting of three brothers (Cosmo, Tally, and Gianni) and their cousin (Tom). These four young men have been electrifying the Toronto music scene by playing various old school hits such as Be My Baby by The Ronettes, Runaround Sue by Dion, and It Won’t Be Long by The Beatles.

Rocking with Miss Whitney Rose

It’s not simply their song selection that makes Ferraro worth watching, it’s also their incredibly fun loving style. Every single performance is filled with lively energy, catchy tunes, wicked solos, and harmonic group vocals, all of which are complemented with their easy going stage presence. In addition to these great musical and performance attributes, the band is also known for mastering the old school sound through their respective instruments: a classic Gibson guitar, an Elvis style microphone, and a reduced drum kit.

Tally Ferraro, the band’s vocalist and bassist

By blending this authentic old school sound with a youthful presence, Ferraro have successfully created a niche following that has no age restrictions. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, if you like the classics then you are sure to enjoy the sounds of Ferraro.

Recently, Ferraro have been making a name for themselves by playing shows every Saturday at the Cameron House. These jam packed and exciting performances have given the band a platform to showcase their talents. In addition to playing covers of Classic rock songs, Ferraro also writes and performs their own original songs. Their performances also feature the vocal talents of Whitney Rose, a young musician who occasionally appears on stage with Ferraro in some of  their sets. This ability to play with other artists has helped diversify the band’s sound even further and only adds to their already exciting stage presence.

Their electrifying stage presence, awesome sound, and love for performing Classic rock music makes Ferraro a great band to see in person at the Cameron House. With enough time and development, this talented group of musicians will set the Toronto music scene ablaze and join the likes of Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo, and other bands who performed at the Cameron House early in their careers. Ferraro further proves that Classic rock music will live on forever.

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