Friday the 13th Party and Last show for Toronto Band Kilometer

by Sarah O' Leary
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Friday the 13th seems to cast an ominous shadow. Ever since early times, this day has been considered bad luck by the superstitious. In many cultures, the number 13 and the day of Friday are both unlucky. A lot of people fear this day and even try to avoid their usual routines because of it.

Friday the 13th PartyHowever, for local music fans and party goers in Toronto, this day provides a perfect time to celebrate and check out some talented local bands. Friday 13th at 1554 Queen St West featured three Toronto bands: Summer Youth, Kilometer, and Tame Hell. The show marked the last performance for Toronto band Kilometer. This modern alternative rock group has remained prominent in the Toronto music scene but has officially decided to split up.  All of the musicians in the band have agreed to go their separate ways and focus on different musical outlets and explore new endeavors. Kilometer has a very supportive fan base of music lovers in the Toronto community, and many of them came out and paid homage to the band by dancing and moshing to the tunes. They are “loud and proud” to showcase their musical talent in this wonderful city of Toronto and thank all of their supporters for coming out to the Friday the 13th gig.

Friday the 13th Party - Toronto

Although the night was bittersweet for the bands, many of the guests who came out to the show had a great time drinking and head banging to the rock tunes. It’s an awesome way to capitalize on the well-known day that is attached to so much superstition. As a music and rock fan I had a great time and really enjoyed the music. The ominous feeling of Friday the 13th heightened the intensity of an already killer set.

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