Put Down Your Phone For The UNICEF Tap Project

by Brittany Clarke
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Put Down Your Phone For The UNICEF Tap Project

Image: http://www.unicefusa.org/campaigns/tap-project/

Most Canadians run the faucet every morning when we brush our teeth without thinking about our water consumption and how we’re wasting it. What if we actually think about the way we treat our water. If we kept the water running, it would eventually run out. What if we had no clean water at all? This is a harsh reality for many people around the world as 768,000,000 people around the world do not have safe, clean water to drink. Water is the basis of life and the most vital need of the human body. According to UNICEF, 1,400 children die every day from diseases directly caused by unsafe water or a lack of simple hygiene amenities.

UNICEF dedicates their mission to improving the life of every child in the world. This non-profit organization helps children in over 190 countries overcome difficulties such as poverty, violence, illness and discrimination. They are an advocate for those who aren’t given a voice. They work to promote proper education, proper immunization and healthcare, prevention of HIV/AIDS among many others. UNICEF hopes that we can create a world where every child realizes their rights to live in a world where they are not exposed to abuse, preventable illnesses, and/or exploitation. By advocating on behalf of children, they are striving towards peace and safety.

We as Canadians never have to worry about finding our next source of water for our drinking and washing purposes. We are fortunate in so many ways that these types of concerns never cross our mind. UNICEF is now giving us the opportunity to give back. The UNICEF Tap Project invites mobile phone users to not touch our phones in order to donate clean drinking water to children in third world countries. For every 10 minutes you do not use your mobile device, a sponsor will donate a day’s worth of clean drinking water to a child in need. To join this venture , go to uniceftapproject.org on your mobile phone and take the pledge.

Please don’t text me for the next few hours as I am taking part in the Tap Project to help children in need get access to clean drinking water! If you’re interested in other ways you can give back to the world through your mobile device, check out Aleka Allen’s article on Micro Volunteering.

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