Remembrance Day

by Brian Clarke
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Poppy Facts:Remembrance Day

The Canadian Legion can distribute up to 18 million lapel poppies per year.

The First World War fighting so disrupted the soil that poppies were often the first plants to grow.

Most Commonwealth countries and others have adopted the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.

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How an Innovative idea Germinated a Poppy Movement!

Stan Kaye of Peterborough, England wondered how youth could help keep the memory of wartime sacrifice alive year-round.  He began a facebook group which quickly gained 1,400 members .They added ideas, photos and remembrances and posted links on their pages

He then sent e-mails to U.K mayors and schools to encourage poppy planting. Some 1,500 packets with about 3,000 seeds each have been distributed. That could mean 4.5 million poppies in the U.K alone next year!

As a result, the online campaign has grown across the globe. One idea has germinated an amazing outcome.  Think about what you can do and please visit our Facebook Page and add your comments. If it were not for our veterans things could have been a lot different for all of us. Most people who volunteered for combat during World War One were very young and did so to serve our country to ensure that the future generations had a better life. Most soldiers unfortunately did not return.

Julian FantinoAs Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino stated…

“It is truly inspiring to see Canadians who out of their own respect and gratitude for those who served take it upon themselves to encourage others to honour, remember and say thanks to Canada’s veterans.”Remembrance Day - Toronto


Source Toronto – November 10th, 2013

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