The Impressive Benefits of Solar Panels in Homes

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benefits of solar panels in homes

There are enough solar panels in the USA to power 18 million homes, yet how can you take advantage of the ever-improving tech of solar power?

What are the real, tangible benefits of solar panels in homes? In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at all the ways solar panels can help you, from cutting your bills to helping the environment and more!

Are you ready to discover why you might want to install solar panels on your home? Then read on!

1. Lower Bills

One of the most major benefits and, for many people, the most attractive benefit, is a lowered electric bill. The way you save this money isn’t immediately obvious, however.

You don’t actually use all the power for your own home, since you usually generate more than you use. This surplus goes back into the electric grid. The power company will credit you for the power that you’ve put back into the grid, and then discount this amount from your bill.

If you would prefer to keep this extra power for yourself, you could install batteries, but this is not normally practical for residential users.

2. Solar Panels Last a Long Time

One of the key solar panel benefits is their longevity. Solar panels will normally last for at least 25 years and will come with a warranty for this long. They will lose some efficacy over the years but should still be at around 88 percent effectiveness after 25 years.

This means that you can treat solar panels as a great investment for your home. They will also add value to your home’s value, which means that you may be able to make the installation cost back from your sale.

3. You Will Be Helping the Environment

The environmental benefits of solar panels are well-known. When you fit them to your house, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction that you’re helping out the environment and cutting carbon emissions.

This means that when you make the investment, it isn’t only for your benefit. It’s for your children, their children, and the world that they will one day inhabit. Why not make a better world for them?

4. You Can Claim Tax Credits

At the time of writing, you can claim back some of the installation cost as a tax credit. This sits at 30 percent of the installation costs at present, which means that if you install a $25,000 solar panel system, you can get a tax credit of $7500.

This tax credit comes from the federal government and it isn’t the only one, either. Depending on your local jurisdiction, you may be able to get some local or state tax credit too.

The Benefits of Solar Panels In Homes Are Seriously Compelling

If you’ve been on the fence about the benefits of solar panels in homes, we hope that you now feel more confident in making a purchase! The energy of the future is ready and waiting for you to harness it.

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