There’s a secret country cabin with a private meadow hiding on a roof above Manhattan

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In New York City, perched above bustling Greenwich Street atop the sixth storey sits a cabin with a grassy meadow and a southern-inspired porch like a Mark Twain wet dream.

According to the New York Times, David Puchkoff and Eileen Stukane are the owners of the secret pasture hidden from the pedestrian peasants waiting Manhattan cross walks. It was on a trip to a friend’s lakeside home in Pennsylvania that Puchkoff realized his dreams of swaying in a rocking chair with a perspiring glass of sweet tea and wise reflections of younger days.

So with help from an architect friend, Puchkoff drilled a giant hole in the roof of his loft and began building his countryside home in the heart of The Big Apple. He began with laying down polyethylene liners to prevent the roof from leaking and started the process of rooting 2,200 plants to create a 1,200 square foot meadow. All in all the meadow cost him only $1,500 including labour.

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Had it not been for aerial photographer, George Steinmetz , who caught sight of this hidden gem while working on a project documenting the city’s green roofs, city dwellers and design voyeurs alike would have remained ignorant to this architectural oxymoron. Now we can all remain eternally jealous as the majority of us city slaves huddle in our 400-square foot apartments and cry bitterly while smoking tear-soggy cigarettes on the fire escape that doubles as the balcony.


Photo: John Lei for The New York Times


Photo: BennyPhish


 Photo: George Steinmetz

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