4 Must See Places to Check Out During Spring

It’s sunny but you notice little puddles start to gather on the sidewalk. The temperature has finally peaked above 1 degree. You think you hear a family of birds chirping, cooing, making themselves comfy perched over a tree in the park. Is that a person lounging on their front porch?

It might actually be spring now, and you’re excited to finally, finally leave the house.

We’ve been teased with snowstorms in March and temperature-drops lasting way longer than necessary. Now that the weather is finally perking up, staying indoors isn’t an option you want to consider. With so much to do in the city year round, here are four lovely places which resonate at their best during the spring.

  1. Allan Gardens Conservatory, over one hundred years old, is home to a beautiful selection of exotic and garden plants. Being an important tourist attraction, this greenhouse is open year round, which means you don’t have to wait until spring to feel a little bit of warmth and colour. However, special shows are organized and specifically made to cater to the seasons, allowing visitors to experience something they wouldn’t otherwise. In the spring, an exhibit showcasing hydrangeas, Easter lilies and bulbs in full bloom runs for 3 weeks starting on April 13th. Allan Gardens is located at 19 Horticultural Ave and is open daily from 10:00 AM until 5 PM.

    Must See Places - Toronto

    Allan Gardens. Photo courtesy of torontogardens.blogspot.ca

  2. A trip through the Distillery District is ideal during the spring. Restaurant and café patios start to open up, and there’s nothing nicer than sipping on a coffee or snacking on pub food while taking in some fresh, spring air. Plus side: the Distillery District looks beautiful when it’s raining. On May 17th through the 19th (Victoria Day weekend), the Distillery District will be home to Artfest Toronto, a street market featuring arts and crafts, good music, and gourmet foods. It’s free admission and runs from 11-6pm daily! Check out the info and plan your trip ahead, here.
  3. Evergreen Brickworks, located at 550 Bayview Ave, is an environmental centre built completely around the idea of sustainability. A garden market runs throughout the spring and summer, starting on March 10th. There are hiking trails and gardens, parks and art exhibitions, all of them making for a beautiful day out with the family or a few friends. Guided walking tours are also available on weekends from 1:30 to 2:30pm, which apart from a centre tour also include educational information with topics touching on geography, art, and sustainability.

    Must See Places - Toronto

    Photo courtesy of toulouseletrek.com

  4. The Toronto Indie Arts Market organizes some of my favourite year-round art events. On April 12th, TIAM will be hosting a Spring Mixed-Media Market at The Gladstone Hotel from 10:00 AM until 5:30 PM. The market will include vendors from all over the DIY spectrum including pottery, small-press, fashion, and other handcrafted goods. The area surrounding the Gladstone is also lovely for walking and checking out other small boutiques, restaurants, snack bars, and parks (Trinity Bellwoods is just a few blocks east and perfect for hanging out on a pretty spring day!) Another small-press and independent literature fair will be hosted in the same location on May 25th. Check out all the info on their website!

Whatever you chose to do, don’t forget to bring an umbrella! Our Canadian spring is just as unpredictable as winter.


Laura Rojas is an Arts and Contemporary Studies student at Ryerson University. She's on the editing team for a student-run art collective and an avid writer. Read more about Laura on our Contributors page.