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by Chad Kirvan
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Joe and Kevin Jonas - Fresh Print Magazine - Toronto

Joe and Kevin Jonas performing

There is no denying that the most important people in the future of our planet are our youth. Although this may seem like a bold statement, it is important to recognize that soon today’s youth will be responsible for creating a positive change both locally as well as globally. This change could be used to eradicate national issues of poverty, environmental destruction, racism and hunger, yet it will only be possible if we encourage and empower this generation. In seeing this need for young people to make a difference, two brothers by the names of Marc and Craig Kielburger have organized a one day festival that not only inspires young people, it shows them that a global change can be made by anyone, at any age. This amazing one day event is known as We Day.What makes We Day different from any other motivational festival is

The Kielburgers - Fresh Print Magazine

The Kielburgers

that it engages massive audiences by synergising pop culture, activist movements, inspirational speeches and charity organizations. This unique combination takes what used to be a boring PowerPoint presentation and turns it into an event that not only interests young people but engages and motivates them to start changing the world.

While changing the world may seem like a huge undertaking, the We Day event was organized to show young people that a positive future isn’t just made by one person making huge changes, it also comes from many people making small positive changes. To help demonstrate who has helped make a positive difference in our world several amazing speeches were given by local and international leaders such as Col. Chris Hadfield, Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Martin Luther King III, Hannan Alper, Molly Brike, Vishal Vijay and Robin Wiszowaty. These speeches were not only uplifting, they also demonstrated how hard work and determination can pay off. Most of all these speeches revealed problems that still exist and how the youth today can work together to help fix them.

Serena Ryder - We day

Serena Ryder

Another amazing lesson given at We Day was that no good deed goes unnoticed or unrewarded. This is demonstrated by giving We Day tickets to schools and individuals who have made  positive contributions in the past year. When those in attendance see that the stadium is filled with 20,000 other charitable individuals they realize that change is possible. We Day also shows the perks of helping make a change by putting on a show that features artists such as the Demi Lovato, Jonas Brother, Jacob Artist, Barenaked Ladies, Serena Ryder, and Imagine Dragons. With all these amazing bands and great speeches, We Day is definitely an event that every young person should attend.

Chris Tse - We day - Toronto

Chris Tse

 Dan Reynolds - Imagine Dragons - Fresh Print Magazine

Dan Reynolds, frontman for Imagine Dragons

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