Chad Armstrong Hurricanes Video

by Chad Kirvan
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The video for Chad Armstrong’s latest song, Hurricanes, takes place in front of a lifeguard hut in the Toronto Beaches area. A bright summer sun lite up the scene, while a distant view of the CN Tower tells everyone who watches it where the video is being recorded. Yet, despite all these amazing attributes, this location was selected for only one specific reason, memories. For Armstrong this lifeguard stand is more than a picturesque. water-safety, clubhouse. To him this old building, and the beach it sits on, represents where Armstrong lived in Toronto for many years, playing his music along Lake Ontario’s beautiful shoreline. In an interview,  Armstrong not only spoke of this treasured beach location like it was his home, he also revealed that whenever he gets the chance, he returns to this very spot, as if he’s visiting an old friend. These regular visits remind Armstrong of the many late nights he had playing open mics and shows around Toronto and also reminding him of the journey he took to get where he is today.

Like the location, saying so much about Armstrong’s musical past, the song Hurricanes also says a lot about his life’s struggles. The poetic lyrics found in the song Hurricanes indirectly suggests that life is full of unavoidable events, which can bring on both good and bad times in a person’s life. These events can create many dramatic changes, but as Armstrong’s message says “its best to Point ourselves where the wind blows”. In other words, people need to take life as it comes, and avoid stressing the problems that continuously come their way.

Chad Armstrong Hurricanes Video This peaceful philosophy is something many fast-paced Torontonians should really take part in, and is most certainly one that Armstrong incorporates into his own life today. It goes without saying that Armstrong’s songs are an inspiration to everyone who listens to them, including Armstrong himself, who works diligently everyday writing new ones. Armstrong spoke about a new album, which could be completed this spring, and even some new up-and-coming shows around here as well. Although his musical plans are not finalized yet, his fans are really looking forward to Chad Armstrong’s next musical tour through Toronto!

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