Jessica Speziale Rock’s the Orbit Room

by Chad Kirvan
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Jessica Speziale Rock's the Orbit Room - Dave Suprin

Dave Suprin

The booming voice of Jessica Speziale billowed out onto College Street as she and her band rocked the Orbit Room. This riveting concert, which took place last Monday night, had audience members gripping on to Speziale’s every word and begging for more of her sensational tone. To further compliment this outstanding voice, four talented musicians by the names on Dave Suprin (drums), Jay Speziale (bass), Federico Luiu (Guitar) and Gabor Szepesi (organ) played their hearts out with expert timing and perfect flow. Throughout the entire concert the band maintained an extreme tightness while performing covers such as Bill Wither’s “Aint No Sunshine” and Holly McNarland’s “Numb”. In addition to these great cover songs, the band also played a series of original songs including a track entitled “Don’t Look Down” which blew away everyone in attendance .

Jessica Speziale Rock's the Orbit Room - Jessica Speziale

Jessica Speziale

The extreme professionalism and uninterrupted groove of the band was evidence of their strong musical chemistry, and made it hard to believe that the five-some have only been playing together for a short period time. “We had our old guitarist completely bail on us” said Drummer Dave Suprin (who has been playing with Speziale for two years now) but luckily after that mishap the band was able to pick up Federico Luiu who is proving to be a great fit within the bands sound. Despite these small ups and downs within the bands history, Speziale revealed that she is truly happy with the bands new found players and hopes to keep the current members for an extensive period of time, if not permanently, and for good reason!

Jessica Speziale Rock's the Orbit Room - Federico Luiu

Federico Luiu

The bands overall chemistry was nothing less than explosive. Note for note they were all on their game, but what made them even better was their individual selflessness. It was as if each musician not only knew their own strengths, but also the strengths of their fellow band mates and they used that to their advantage. They weren’t some kind of one trick pony show where one person hogs the limelight, everyone had their chance to solo and shine. This not only helped to perfect the flow, but also kept the performance interesting throughout the entire show. Admittingly Jessica Speziale is a sensational front gal who knows how to get the audiences attention, but what makes her an even better band leader is that she knows how to deliver attention to the other musicians in the band with perfect timing.

Jessica Speziale Rock's the Orbit Room - Fresh Print

Keep on rocking!

The way Jessica Speziale and her band performed at the Orbit Room truly demonstrated how passionate they are about music and performance. Their amazing stage presents and flawless sound made it quite clear to the audience that these five are ready to move forward with their musical career, and based on the audiences reaction the people are ready to see more. It’s with great anticipation that we await Jessica Speziale’s next performance which will no doubt be just as exciting and captivating as their last.

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