Joe Doyle: Streets Come Alive

by Chad Kirvan
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Joe Doyle: Streets Come Alive - Fresh Print

Streets Come Alive

Guitarist and vocalist Joseph Doyle has recently started expanding his musical career as a solo artist with the release of his new song “ Streets Come Alive.” Doyle’s decision to take his career into his own hands has allowed him to produce music that is more honest and meaningful. This new intimate style has created an exciting shift in Doyle’s sounds both musically, as well as lyrically, and has greatly shown Doyle’s growth and development as an artist. Formally known for playing in harder bands, such as “Dawn Breaks Day” and “Dead Light Radio,” Doyle’s new style has a warm rootsy feel and speaks about on things that are topical.

The song “ Streets Come Alive” perfectly exemplifies Doyle’s new musical direction with its upbeat acoustic sound and lyrics, which discuss living and growing in a small town after world war one. The historical subject matter within “Streets Come Alive” was discovered by Doyle in a book entitled “Sunshine Sketches of a little Town” by Stephen Lea Cock and is quite fitting with Doyle’s love of history and Canadian literature. To make the song more relevant to present day issues, Doyle has mixed some of his own personal experiences and feelings into the lyrics. This contrast between personal stories and Lea Cock’s book has allowed Doyle to create a narrative that describes how individuals can be empowered and happy in a troubled time.

After speaking with Joe Doyle, he revealed that he has plans on releasing an album in the future, but really wants to take things slow to ensure the songs are true to him. Doyle explained that his song writing process can take a little bit of time and a lot of tweaking. In fact the song “Streets Come Alive” was an idea that Doyle had 3 years prior to it’s completion. Although this process may seem lengthy, anyone who knows Joe Doyle knows that he is constantly producing great music that is both relatable and meaningful to his listeners. The release of “Streets Come Alive” has definitely sparked excitement all of his fans who look forward to the release of Joe Doyle’s new album.

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