Leaving Esmeralda Rocks out at Cherry Cola’s

by Chad Kirvan
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 Leaving Esmeralda - Cherry Cola's Toronto

Rockers filled Cherry Cola’s Rock N’ Rolla Cabaret and Lounge last week to see one of Toronto’s hottest musical groups, Leaving Esmeralda. I think a more fitting name for this four-piece, authentic and original band would be “Leaving a Lasting Impression.” Band members Noel Lee (bassist), Paul Phelan (guitarist), Mike Murray (drummer) and Ory Tracy (singer), had the audience singing and dancing throughout the night with amazing sets that were filled with one of a kind tunes.

 Leaving Esmeralda - Cherry Cola's Toronto

Leaving Esmeralda grabbed the attention of the crowd with an up-beat sound that combined catchy melodies with undeniably good instrumental breakdowns. The band’s exceptional stage presence and great music made their audience feel included and carefree. Ory Tracy’s showmanship and sheer passion elevates them above their competition. Simply said, Tracy’s booming voice, intense rock-out moves, and hard facial expressions emphasized the true power of each song. When I watched Ory Tracy perform with the rest of the band, it was obvious that each musical piece was just as important as the last. Their strong dedication to each song brought an unstoppable energy to the entire set and always left the audience wanting more.

 Leaving Esmeralda - Cherry Cola's TorontoOne of the bands biggest songs of the night was their newly released single entitled “Awake.” Its perfectly placed instrumentals, and complex poetic lyrics pulled in and intrigued the audience. The songs beautiful contrast of acoustic and electric guitar was further developed with a boppie bass lines and well-timed drum beats. This in-depth arrangement created a hard, folkie sound that got the audience up on their feet.

Of course, “Awake” was not the only smash hit performed by Leaving Esmeralda. Their entire set was more than riveting, which is why so many fans came out to Cherry Cola’s Rock N’ Rolla Cabaret and Lounge to show their support. The huge turnout definitely showed the skill of this great local band. Cherry Cola’s patrons have come to expect a high quality of rock music. When you visit this hard rock Bathurst Street bar, you expect the best and that’s exactly what Leaving Esmeralda brought!

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