Shannon and The Clams Rock The Silver Dollar Room

by Chad Kirvan
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Shannon and The Clams Three weeks into their North American Tour, the vintage rock band, Shannon and The Clams, crossed the border to play one epic show at The Silver Dollar Room. This rare and exciting visit from the California trio had Toronto fans bursting with excitement and ready to dance. The wild evening started off with performances by Chico No Face and Milk Lines, who energized the crowd with their unique musical styles.

The music in Chico No Face’s set was reminiscent of early rock and roll, but was mixed with a punchy amount of grunge and distortion. Their music held the kind of sound that invites fans in with something familiar, then grips them with something they’ve never heard before. One of the most noticeable features in their songs was the use of a FuzzWar guitar pedal that helped to create an unbelievable amount of interesting sounds. These sounds were combined with catch vocals and a perfect rhythm, making Chico No Face one heck of an opening act.Shannon and The Clams - Toronto Band

When Milk Lines took the stage, they instantly got the crowds interest with some sensational psychedelic rock rhythm that seemed to stretch throughout their entire performance. The band made exceptional use of the old surfer sound, but added some refreshing western folk vocals that reinvented the genre. These vocals were divided amongst both male and female band members, which gave Milk Lines a very diverse sound. The overall tightness throughout the performance showed their professionalism, and demonstrated the shear talent within this young, up and coming band.

After Shannon and The Clams - Fresh Printthe Milk Lines set up the excitement,  the crowd’s reaction to Shannon and The Clams sound check foreshadowed how the rest of the evening would eventually unfold. From the first note to the last encore, the audience’s energy was beyond explosive. The floor literally bounced with the beat and the screams of excitement were constantly heard from across the The Silver Dollar Room dance floor. It goes without saying that this band was hot, and for good reason, their mix of doo wop, punk and grunge got everyone up and dancing the night away. With hits like Sleep Talk, The Cult Song and Done with You, it was easy to see why the appearance of this California band was so well accepted by the Toronto fans. Shannon and The Clams used their intense vocals and lyrics to harden up the doo wop style so perfectly, it was impossible to ignore their sound. Of course the fun and excitement of this band didn’t just stop at their music, another key to their success is their fabulous stage presence.

Simple stage details like a lit-up drum kit and sparkle dusted checks, helped the band grab the audience’s attention. They wore fifties-style clothing to create an old-school atmosphere, and then bluntly contrasted this look with extreme rock-out faces and sleek dance moves. The end result was a timeless and unforgettable experience for everyone who attended.Shannon and The Clams Rock The Silver Dollar Room

From start to finish the evening was nothing less than incredible. The way that each band performed their own unique style of music was insanely interesting, and filled the night with a perfect flow. Each performance flawlessly demonstrated the incredible taste of both the promoter (Dan Burke) and the venue (The Silver Dollar Room). Needless to say, these bands should be on the radar of music lovers everywhere and anyone reading this, that living in the Toronto area, should definitely check out the fantastic shows coming up at The Silver Dollar Room in December!

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