Spotlight on Aukland

by Chad Kirvan
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Starting tomorrow, Aukland will set out on a tour that could take their musical career to the next level. On this tour, the boys in Aukland will be performing for thousands of college and university students across Ontario. They will be appearing on stages at McMaster University in Hamilton, Sheridan College in Oakville, and Western University in London. Along with playing for enormous audiences, Aukland will also be playing alongside two widely known bands, Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado. By sharing the stage with these exceptionally successful bands, Aukland is sure to make their already growing name even bigger, and most importantly they will have the opportunity to share their songs with new fans across the province.

This dream opportunity is one that is not only exciting for this Toronto-based band, but is also one that they have worked really hard to achieve. For months, Aukland’s band members Sean Sroka, Jeff Campana, Dave Setton and Andrew Thomas have spent countless hours creating the band’s music, art, image, social media, and promotions while attending school and working at other jobs. To make the workload a little lighter, the band delegated jobs amongst themselves to ensure everything was done properly and on time. This simple act of sharing in the band’s business truly shows how involved each band member is and that there is more to being in a band than just writing music; a lot of details and work go into getting music out there.

Another awesome attribute that made Aukland so noticeable is their consistent creativity. A good example of this would be their last EP entitled, The Paper Bag Sample. What made this EP so appealing to fans was its unique artwork. Each and every EP featured custom artwork that was painted on by the band members for the fan who was purchasing it. This act of customizing each EP, for each fan, was simply genius because it kept the overall cost of producing the EP low, allowing the band to sell more copies at cheaper prices to fans who were thrilled to have a personalized one-of-a-kind EP of their own.

Aukland - Fresh Print MagazineAt the end of the day, regardless of how much promoting you do or how clever your band is, if you want to be successful in the music industry you have to produce good music and that’s exactly what Aukland does. For proof of this fans only have to look at Aukland’s latest video of their song entitled Counting on You, to hear just how talented they really are. For starters, this song was written electronically but sounds magically acoustic. The harmonies throughout the song are bang-on and show how much effort the band puts in to each work. Lastly, the song is designed to keep audience members interested from start to finish, which lets listeners know that Aukland is not a one trick pony by any stretch of the imagination.

With great team work, outstanding new ideas, and fantastic music, it’s easy to see how Aukland can land such an amazing gig touring with Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado. What the future holds for Aukland is still unknown, but one thing is certain, if they keep working as hard as they have been, their success is inevitable.Aukland - Fresh Print Magazine


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