Stellarize’s upcoming EP

by Chad Kirvan
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Rumours of a new Stellarize EP have spread quickly among fans and are responsible for creating a great deal of excitement within the Toronto music scene. The launch of this new record represents what many believe will be first step into the professional music world for the talented Toronto artist and will no doubt help her expand her already large fan base. The production of this new album is scheduled to start sometime in the new year.

For Stellarize, the creation and distribution of this EP will be a monumental process that will definitely help to propel her careers to the next level. Although the EP’s title and musical direction are still unknown to both the media, as well as fans, many anticipate the new album will carry the same poetic lyrics and awe-inspiring vocals that have made Stellarize the well know artist she is today.

Along with a new EP announcement, Stellarize has also recently released a new music video of her song entitled “Wash Me Down”.  This high contrast, black and white video is extremely gripping, and successfully takes its audience into a physical and mental darkness.  The strong visual within this film is further darkened with strong lyrics such as “I’ve been bad, river take care of that” and “I‘ve wasted many years in this cell”.  The combination of audio and visual darkness in this video shows a potential movement away from Stellarize’s older, brighter style that was heard previously in tracks like “The Up Song” and “One More Day”.

News of the upcoming album and the release of “Wash Me Down” has fans wondering if Stellarize plans on taking her new EP in a darker direction.  Although Stellarize has not revealed what she has planned style wise for her EP, she has suggested that the new album will sound thicker and fuller. The suspense will certainly be growing until the release of the new EP.  While this suspense grows, so will the fan base that follows this talented, fast-rising, Toronto musician.Dee cute

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